Ritz Camera New-Managementroleassignment

When you add a new role assignment, you can specify a built-in or custom role that was created using the New-ManagementRole cmdlet and specify an organizational unit (OU) or predefined or custom management scope to restrict the assignment.

You can create custom management scopes using the New-ManagementScope cmdlet and can view a list of existing scopes using the Get-ManagementScope cmdlet. If you choose not to specify an OU, or predefined or custom scope, the implicit write scope of the role applies to the role assignment.

For more information about management role assignments, see Understanding management role assignments.

You need to be assigned permissions before you can run this cmdlet. Although all parameters for this cmdlet are listed in this topic, you may not have access to some parameters if they're not included in the permissions assigned to you. To see what permissions you need, see the "Role assignments" entry in the Role management permissions topic.


2409 Broadway
New York, NY10024
(212) 877-8760

Being from Seattle, they had a Ritz Camera that I would always get my prints done at and I loved it there. Boy was I happy to see that they have a Ritz Camera here in Manhattan! I ordered my prints online, and I called later to see if they were done, which they were. I took the subway from Brooklyn in to Manhattan (from the Nostrand A/C to 86th C, its kinda far). I called ahead and let them know that I may be 2 minutes late (they closed early for Labor Day). The guy said they may be there, so I was rushing. I got there at 5:02pm and they were locked up. I knocked a couple of times, and at first no one answered. THEN, someone came to the door, got my name, and got my prints! I am really happy that they went the extra mile. I am heading out of town for a few days, so I needed to get these mailed off. The quality of the prints were great as well. Thank you guys! I will be back :)

Ritz Camera is closed. Ritz Camera LLC filed for bankruptcy in Summer 2012. Cardinal Camera set up shop in its place, but it shut its doors in Fall 2013 as well. You won't find a camera store here any more.

Looking for background paper and stand for my makeshift studio, I decided to check here since I pass it all the time. They have lots of camera accessories. My issue? The associates kind of suck. I wasn't familiar with what I was buying so I asked a lot of questions just to confirm before deciding if the purchase was for me (like any logical customer.) Either the dude had a bad day or bad people skills because he didn't seem to want to help me and/or answer my questions. It felt like I was pulling teeth to get an answer. He saw I was obviously interested in buying and not some ball buster with nothing to do on a Sunday. I decided to buy it, but I won't be back. Thanks for the attitude bud.

Another New York supply outfit that once they have your email address, they refuse to remove it from their records and to stop sending marketing messages (at least one a day).

I came here considering it was a Jewish holiday and my typical let me downers were closed over at B&H. I called ahead and this guy kept calling me 'dude' this and ''dude that'. I was of course intrigued so I decided to make the 50 block trek to get my tripod. I got there and couldn't find what he had mentioned over the phone and after about 15mins of contemplating on buying a new tripod or just order the part off line I just picked up the new tripod. As I was checking out I found out that Jason, 'dude', on the phone had actually put it aside for me without me asking! Good customer service and frustrating at the same time as it was the last one and I had been searching for it the entire 15 minutes. I give them credit though for trying to help and for the reasonable prices.

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