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Elizabeth Freeman 12/15/11
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“The Princess and All the Kingdom” “The Princess and All the Kingdom” shows how responsibility causes people to grow up and mature very quickly. The prince in the story starts out very selfish and impulsive. He goes out and fights his way across the kingdom in order to marry the princess. The princess is the love of his life but she does not know who he is. The prince achieves his goal and the princess agrees to marry him. They get married that day and everyone celebrates. It wasn’t until that night that the prince is told that he is now…show more content…

The prince had ordered the wedding to be later that day and never thought about his decision He was so caught up in what he had won and how he was finally going to marry the princess that he never thought it through. “‘You have conquered, and therefore everything now belongs to you. It is a big land, fertile and impoverished, mighty and laid waste, full of riches and need, full of joys and sorrows, and all is now yours. For he who has won the princess and happiness, to him also belongs this land where she was born; he shall govern and cherish it.’” The prince is just now realizing, after the wedding, how much responsibility he now has. He must rule and watch over everyone in the kingdom. He does not want this responsibility but the aged chancellor tells him that he cannot get rid of it or avoid it in any way. The Prince tries and tries to avoid this he responsibility but he can’t. Throughout this story the prince grows up and matures when he accepts that he must take on the responsibility of the whole kingdom. In the beginning of the story the prince is the most impulsive and selfish person he can be. He just wants to marry the princess, whom he loves, and he works really hard for that and nothing else. He fights his way across the kingdom just so he can marry her. The prince did not think at all before he did this. If he had thought about it he would have realized that along with

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Princess Diana was a well know person to people all around the world. She was kind, sweet, and honest to everybody she meets. Diana held many charity events; she was the president of
Barnardo’s which is a charity for troubled children and also helped raise money for other charities such as the AIDS Crisis Trust.(Sherry Beck PaProcki,62-63) Diana is a very nice person; she would go to hospitals and sit with patients that didn’t have any family that would come visit them so she went and visited so they would know that they’re not alone. Princess
Diana was a very influential person in history and had major contributions to the world. Diana Frank Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 at 7:45 p.m. to the parents of Johnnie Spencer…show more content…

Diana knew her life was going to change if she married Prince Charles but she took risks anyway and seemed to love her life. Diana was a wonderful person, she stayed busy with many charity events, but she fell far away from her husband. Diana and Charles had very different interest, Diana was affectionate and emotional while Charles was intellectual and reserved, they slowly started to grow apart.
Diana and Charles both had a secret; they were both having affairs with different people. ( Diana was having an affair with James Gilby and riding instructor James Hewitt, while Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parke-Bowles. They grew so unhappy that they didn’t even spend time tighter, Diana knew that her fairy-tale ending wasn’t so happily ever after. ( Diana knew her fairytale story was not going to last much longer. In 1992 it went out in public that the couple was having a hard time and was going to spilt , during this time Diana was suffering with depression and bulimia. John Mayor announced the couple’s separation in
December of 1992. In 1994 and 1995 Diana’s and Charles secret was revealed, they were both having affairs, they divorce was finalized August 28, 1996. Diana’s fairy-tale story therefore came to an end.( After Charles and Diana divorced Diana worked very hard for many charities. She

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