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Assignment – 3MER Part CThis assignment must be submi±ed through Online ServicesPart C (A.C 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) (750 Words)Write a report on the approach taken to terminaTon of employment in your own organisaTon. You should brieFy explain:±he di²erences between fair and unfair dismissals with examples for each±he importance of exit interviews to both parTes±he key stages to be followed in managing redundancies.NAME:Ashwin John KurianCOHORT:HRP43DCOMPANY:Green ShineWORD COUNT853All OrganizaTons indulge in both fair and unfair dismissals. A fair dismissal is always based on factsand it is documented. While most unfair dismissals are, emoTonal and based on personaljudgements.³air and unfair dismissals³air- Must have enough documented evidences which supports the allegaTons.Dismissal due to the employee’s behavior or conduct. An example would be when anemployee is rude when speaking and using wrong choice of words of even when he getsverbally abusive. Or when there is sexual harassment, racial discriminaTon to name a few.When there is enough evidence, and the employee in quesTon is given earlier warnings,then the company has the right to terminate him. Wri´en complaints from otheremployees, or witnesses to such behavior will further support the decision of themanagement.

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