Jindal Vidya Mandir Vidyanagar Holiday Homework

    School conducts all examination as per the guidelines from CBSE.

    Examinations consist of Formative & Summative assessments.

    Weight-age of various examinations is fixed as per the guidelines of CBSE.

    After every major examination result analysis is done in order to locate the difficulty         areas and remedial measures.

  Result Analysis

JVM, Vidyanagar School Results 2016

This year JVM Class X students produced stupendous results out beating all previous records. 26 students scored perfect CGPA of 10. Percentage of top scorers (i.e. 95% and above) increased from 12.3% last year to 17.1%. 97.6% of students scored first division. The comparative analysis is as given below:-

I Divisions10296.214897.4
Above 95%(CGPA 10/10)1312.32617.1
Above 90%2422.64328.3
Between 80-89%3432.14730.9
Between 70-79%3331.14127.0
Between 60-69%1110.31711.2
Between 50-59%43.7042.6

Students of class XII also performed well considering the difficulty level of the papers. The highlights are as stated under:-

With the highest score of 93% Miss N.Pooja stood at the top, while in commerce stream all students scored first division.

Excursion is a part of education in schooling the students get a chance to know about different places, their culture, food etc. Along with they have great experience with the peer group in developing intimacy, sharing and as a team.

In the year 2012-13 Children of our school visited different places to enrich their knowledge and experience.

Educational Tours Conducted During 2012-13
S.No.CampusClass/sPlace of VisitPeriod/Duration of visitNo. of Students attendedNo. of Teachers accompanied
3JVM,V.V.NagarIDonimalai Park1.12.121186
4JVM,V.V.NagarIIT B Dam4.12.121075
5JVM,V.V.NagarIIIHeritage Village5.12.121024
6JVM,V.V.NagarIVBijapur, Kudalasangama3.12.12715
7JVM,V.V.NagarVMysore, Bellur, Halebeedu6.12.12 to 9.12.12464
10JVM,VidyanagarIT B Dam4.12.12904
11JVM,VidyanagarIIHeritage Village7.12.121084
12JVM,VidyanagarIIIHeritage Village14.12.121104
13JVM,VidyanagarIVHampi University19.12.12954
14JVM,VidyanagarVHampi University19.12.121104
15JVM,VidyanagarVI & VIIMysore, Bellur, Halebeedu9.12.12 to 12.12.1220018
16JVM,VidyanagarVIII , IX & XIHyderabad Package Tour12.12.12 to 16.12.1213511
17JVM,VidyanagarX & XIIHyderabad Package Tour24.11.12 to 28.11.12646

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