Sample Cover Letter For Australian Visa Application

Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) Required Documents:

Passport:  Original Passport with at least six months validity. (VFS will verify the original passport and they will give back) Notarized copies of the full passport. Attach notarized copies of old passport visa copies and Bio data pages.

Photos:  Two recent coloured photos (35 mm wide, 45 mm High) with white back ground, 80% face coverage with Matt or Semi Matt finish and without border and taken within the last 3 months.

Visa Application Form:  Form 1419 has to fill (PDF Editable)

Authorization Form:  Form 956. Applicant has to sign on Last page at “Signature of the Client “. This form we will fill.

Covering Letter: Covering letter from the primary applicant mentioning names, passport numbers, purpose and duration of the Trip. (For sample covering letters contact us)

If friends or Relatives are there in Australia then required docs instead of Hotel Booking.

                 Invitation letter (Scan copy), Inviter Passport front and back pages (Bio data pages)

Visa copy, Rental agreement, Employment proof, Last 6 month’s payslips. Last 3 months Bank statement, Tax paid receipts.


Hotel Booking:   Hotel Accommodation. (Use website, Check cancellation policy before booking)

Financial Documents:

If employed : Last 6 months payslips, 6months original bank statement with seal and signature from the bank, Original Leave letter from the employer, Letter  from employer stating your position and length of employment, Last 3 years IT Returns, Recent  Credit card statement .

If self employed:   Last 6 months original bank statements of Personal And Company (With seal and signature from the bank), Last 3 years personal and Company IT Returns, Business Registration,  Brief Description about the company operations/Revenue etc..

Other Docs : Copies  Fixed Deposits /Copies of Sale deeds  , any other proofs to show financial status.

Air Ticket: Ticket Itinerary.

Additional Requirements:

                If Retired: Evidence of retirement.

                If Student:  Study Certificate and Leave letter.

                Children ( Under 18 years ) : Notarised No Objection  Certificate from NON ACCOMPANYING PARENT ,  Completed FORM 1229 , Copies of  Parents passport.

                If age is > 75 :  Travel Medical Insurance of 12 months. And Consulate may ask to undergo Medical Check up. (Sometimes between 55 to 75 age also)

Visa Validity generally upto one year and each entry applicant can stay 3months/6months depends on Visa. And applicants will get visa copy through email.

Visa Processing Time:  Normally 10 to 15 Days

Note:  Above list is general and depends on Case to Case there might be additional documents required.

Australia Tourist Visa Application Form

Hi Everyone, 


Was waiting on the Visa Application to be Processed before posting my Letter of Invitation and Support on the Forum. The Visitor Visa has been processed now and the Girlfriend is on her way to Bangkok to pick up the (Hopefully Visa) waiting at VFS. (Fingers Crossed Everyone) I will know in the Morning.


For everyone currently completing Applications, Here is a copy of my Letter of Invitation. Personally I think I put a little too much into the Letter and it could easily be shortened and more to the point however these long-winded Letters have served me well so far in my Visa Journey.


******************************** Example Letter of Support for Tourist Visa Application *************************************


Australian Embassy, Bangkok

37 South Sathorn Road,

Bangkok, Thailand



Passport Number: ABC123455

ID Card: 123456789


Letter of Support from Mr. John Smith

Australian Passport Number: ABC12353344

Address: 123 Jones St, Smithfield, South Australia  


Date: 1 June 2013


To Whom it may Concern,


My name is John Smith and I am an Australian Citizen by Birth. I am a Graduate from the Australian University where I completed my studies in Engineering


I am currently employed by ABC Pty Ltd at Adelaide as the Sales Manager. My salary is A$50,000 per year gross, plus superannuation. (Attached is a Letter of Employment from my Employer). I have been involved in the Engineering Industry in Australia for 10 Years.


I am writing this letter in support of the above application for a Visitor’s Visa. I met Lek in January of 2012 in Bangkok where she was accompanying her sister in search of a University.


Our relationship quickly developed and I accompanied her back to Phuket where we began living as a couple in her Parent's home for a period of 2 months. At this stage I was required to return to Australia for work purposes and left Thailand on the 10th of March 2013 (1 day after my birthday as she wanted to spend it with me.) During my time in Australia we continued our relationship on Facebook and Skype. Starting from when we woke up until when we went to bed there would be barely 5 minutes between communication for the entire 2 months I remained in Australia. I have included extracts of these communications however there are thousands of pages and including them all would be impractical.


I returned to Thailand on the 30th of July 2012 and she was waiting to collect me from the Airport. From there we took a bus back to her home Province and again began living as a couple in her Parents' Home. On the 30th of August 2012 we made an application for a Visitor Visa for Lek to visit my home in Adelaide, Australia. The reason for that application was due to our relationship becoming more serious and as such we felt it important for Lek to see Australia, meet my Family and Friends and experience the Australian way of life including cultural differences between the two countries. The application was approved on the 15th of September 2012 and we booked flights to Australia. Lek and I both arrived in Adelaide on the 2nd of October 2012 (Attached are Itineraries from the Airlines).


During Lek's stay in Australia (3 Months) we have engaged in a wide range of Tourist Activities including a visit to Adelaide Wildlife Park to see the Kangaroo's, Seaworld in Queensland to see the assorted Marine Life in South  Australia, Shark Island for Snorkeling and Tours of the Island, Lek for a lesson on the History of South Australia, The Adelaide River by Tour Cruise, The Adelaide Valley, South Australia Entertainment Complex as well as visited the Adelaide Theatre and various Festivals including the Food and Wine Festival at the South Australian Exhibition Centre and of course Adelaide City and the Adelaide Tower. (Attached is Evidence of these visits including Photographs)


Lek departed Australia on the 2nd of January 2013 in compliance with her Visa and has returned to Thailand.  


Initially our plan was to visit Australia jointly and for both of us to return to Thailand on the 2nd of January, unfortunately however we have had to make changes to those plans due to serious changes of my employment which saw me being promoted to regional sales manager and as such I am now limited in the amount of time I can have away from work for at least the next 6 months.


Lek is now making a second application for a Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) for a period of 6 months. We do understand that an application for a Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) is for "Short Visits of Family and Friends or Holiday Purposes" and although she has just completed a stay in Australia we still believe this is the correct visa given our situation. I will explain this reasoning below:


Our relationship is continuing to develop and we both believe it is beneficial to carefully grow as a couple and not rush into the commitment of marriage. While we are both completely in love we see it as important to build a strong foundation for a relationship.


The 3 months we had together in Australia were wonderful however it was not long enough to make a firm decision on the country we wish to reside in (in the future). Lek has not had time to evaluate day to day life in Australia and as such cannot commit to wanting a life in Australia (making a migration visa pointless).


3 months did not give us sufficient time to complete many of the activities we had planned, including visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane  and Perth. (My sister now lives in Hobart and Lek has always wanted to see the Sydney Opera House).


My employer has explained to me that given my new position it is important that I remain in the country for at least the next 6 months. Being physically apart from Lek at this point in our relationship would cause a severe strain on both of us emotionally which in turn would affect all aspects of our lives negatively.


Once again I can assure you that I will guarantee Lek will meet the obligations of her visa by not engaging in Employment while in Australia and exiting Australia before the expiration of her Visa.


Given the fact that the possibility exists of applying for a migration visa at a later date it would be in our best interests to comply with all obligations and restrictions of any visa granted to Lek


I would also like to assure the Embassy that on exhaustion of the 6 month Visitor Visa I would be returning to Thailand with Lek and at that point I believe we would be in a position to make a more permanent decision on our future.


In closing I would like to draw your attention to evidence supplied which shows a Genuine Relationship and a Genuine reason for Lek to return to Thailand before the expiration of her Visa. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that Lek met all obligations during her last visit to Australia and I met all obligations guaranteed in my letter of support on her last visit to Australia.


In total since meeting Lek in January of 2012 we have physically resided together for 8 months of the 10 months we have known each other and during the 2 months apart we were in constant contact.


I undertake to provide all expenses and provide full lodging for  Lek at 123 Jones St, Smithfield, South Australia  whilst she is in Australia. Furthermore I will ensure that she does not engage in employment activities while in Australia and is covered by Full Comprehensive Travel Insurance.


I can be contacted at any time on my Australian Land Line (02) 99999999, Work Land Line (02) 99999999 or Mobile Number 04000000000


I have included some background information about myself and our relationship as listed below:

  1. A Copy of my Thai Bank Passbook which Details my Support for her in Thailand
  2. A Letter from my Employer detailing my Employment.
  3. Copies of the Relevant Pages of my Australian Passport containing Thai Entry Stamps.
  4. Extracts from Facebook of our Conversations while I was in Australia.
  5. Photos of us together in Thailand and Records from our Holiday to Chiang Rai.
  6. Photos of us in Australia and Records from various places we Visited.
  7. Letters from Family and Friends detailing our Relationship is Genuine.
  8. Stat Dec guaranteeing my full support for Lek during her Australian Visit.
  9. Stat Dec guaranteeing I will assure Lek meets the obligations of her Visa.Letter from my Employer explaining the impact on the Business should I return to Thailand before the 6 month mark.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.



NOTE:- Post has been edited by Kanga solely to add fictitious name, dates and place only. ALL personal information is entirely fictitious.  

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