Umuc Haircuts Case Study 31

A successful business can be run effectively utilizing detailed business processes to execute daily tasks. In this case owner of UMUC haircuts, Myra, has a plan to implement a more efficient system to schedule her customer’s appointments to support her goal of a Low Cost Leadership Strategy. Myra hopes that having customers and employees showing up promptly will allow her to provide a variety of services at a cost much lower than her competition. Following will be a business process analysis for Myra’s appointment process and details of the implementing information technology solution that will support. Generic Strategy for Competitive Advantage: Low Cost Strategy Business Process to Be Improved: Appointment Process Table of Functional (Business) Requirements Table of Functional (Business) Requirements Steps in the Appointment Process Proces s Step Input Information/data item(s) entered into

UMUC HAIRCUTS STAGE 22IT RequirementImportance/RelevanceHigh,Medium,Low, or Not Applicable(N/A)Explanation for Ranking(Write a minimum of 3 good sentencesfor each; both the process to be improved and the case study should be mentioned in eachexplanation; the data used in the process should be included in the explanation where applicable.)1UsabilityHighMyra and her employees will be required to use the system to manageemployee schedules and to schedule appointments for customers. The usability of the system is a user quality that will be important to ensure the system is intuitive and provides a good user experience. If Myra and her employees have a hard time using the system it will cause a burden on business and will require extensive training for each employee.2MaintainabilityMediumUMUC Haircuts expects to expand its business to include more services. With those services will include the need for increased employee and customer scheduling. Maintainability is a design quality will be needed as the business grows. The system will need to be able to quickly and easily upgrade its components and/or services to meet the demands of the business. 3ScalabilityMediumUMUC Haircuts is a small business and the scalability of the system will not likely be an issue for Myra. The customer and employee scheduling database will not provide the strain needed for a robust scalability capability. The database will not likelybe stressed enough to cause for the system to be bogged down because of multiple users or multiple access from outside of the local network. However, as UMUC Haircuts grows its business so too will the amount of customers and employees grow. So

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