Iti1121 Assignments Due

Assignments Due

The Assignments Due page is an alternative view of the Assignments Due tab on the Course Home. The Assignments Due page displays all assignments that you must complete in a month, either as a List or a calendar Month.

You use this page to:

Learning Catalytics assignments (sessions) are not listed on the Assignments Due page. You access these sessions by selecting the Learning Catalytics button on the Course Home. (Learning Catalytics assignments are not available in all courses.)

To open the Assignments Due page
  1. Select View By Month at the bottom of the Assignments Due tab on the Course Home. (The Assignments Due tab is displayed only if your instructor has assigned due dates.)

    The Assignments Due page is displayed.

  2. Use the List and Month buttons to switch between views.

Descriptions of the icons

How to use icons in the Month view
  1. Point to an icon to display a list of assignments due or completed on that day.

  2. Open an assignment by selecting it from the pop-up list.

When you point to a Completed icon , it displays a pop-up of the completed assignments. You can then select an assignment from the pop-up list to review it.

Status information in the List view

  • Due: You must complete the assignment on this day or before. If no time is displayed, the deadline is 11:59 PM on that day.
  • Attempts: The number of times you have done the assignment out of the number of times possible. For example, "1 of 2" means you have done the assignment once and can do it once more. If you use up all the attempts without receiving a gold star (a mastery score), you can do some Extra Practice questions and then ask your instructor to let you make another attempt.

    When this column displays "incomplete," it means you didn't complete the assignment the last time you started it. You should be able to resume the assignment and complete it.

  • Score: The score you received on the assignment. Depending on how your instructor has set up the course, this score may be your best score, your most recent score, or an average of your scores on all attempts. Show the Score entries and their descriptions.
  • Review: When this column displays a Review link, you can select it to review the time you spent on the assignment, the number of times you submitted it, and your answers.


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ITI1121. Introduction to Computing II

Object-oriented programming. Abstraction principles: information hiding and encapsulation. Linked lists, stacks, queues, binary search trees. Iterative and recursive processing of data structures. Virtual machines.

Prerequisite: ITI1120; 3 hours of lecture per week; 3 hours of lab per week; 3 credits.


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