Rules Of Summer Book Trailer Assignment

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer hits shelves in less than a month, and now we have a beautiful book trailer for the novel.

Debuting on Entertainment Weekly, we get a colorful book trailer for the first in a series about Norse mythology. And taking a leaf out of the book itself, which is set in the city, we hear a narrator with a thick Boston accent giving us a history lesson on the Norse people and their deities.

In case you missed it, the narrator says, “A thousand years ago, the world was small. But bold men journeyed far in the name of their gods to make it big. They came from the northern lands to put down roots. Roots were there for the legion, along with dwarves, fire giants, and wolves. They abandoned the land, but the roots grew to this here cradle of liberty. By the time he came around, the one they call Magnus, it resembled the modern world. Except, beneath it all, in every which way, it wasn’t that modern. And it wasn’t a ‘world,’ singular. There were actually nine of them. And let’s just say that these worlds, they didn’t get along too well.”

Playing with the bright and bold colors we saw on the cover, we see oceans, battleships, monsters, and Yggdrasil itself.

Sword of Summer will introduce us to Magnus Chase, a homeless teen in the city of Boston who soon discovers he’s the son of a Norse god. If that’s not crazy enough, he’ll be thrown into the middle of a war, complete with dwarves, trolls, giants, and all sorts of mythological monsters. It’s up to Magnus to prevent Ragnarok, but in doing so, he’ll have to face the fate of the world, as well as his own.

‘The Sword of Summer’ is due out on October 6.

Book trailers are a fairly recent phenomenon in the publishing industry. They originated less than ten years ago, based on the venerable institution of the movie trailer, but have only really taken off since the development of video sharing sites such as Youtube.

Book trailers are a form of advertising for a book. Initially, they were literally sales pitches. Produced by publishers, and sometimes authors themselves, they were tools to pique interest in the novel. Their popularity has exploded, and many have gone viral, becoming a vital part of many publishers’ marketing strategies.

Book trailers can vary tremendously in how they are produced. Some are fully scripted mini-movies, and others are simply uploaded PowerPoint presentations. The one thing they all share in common is a desire to introduce the book, and convert viewers of the trailer into readers of the book.

In the last few years, the use of book trailers in education has become widespread. There is now a substantial body of research showing that book trailers are a useful form of pre-visualisation, and can help engage reluctant readers in a text. Students creating their own book trailer can be a powerful learning experience, combining learning goals from reading, writing, technology and the arts to produce a real product that they can share with others.

Where to find book trailers

YA Book Trailers is a collection of book trailers compiled by The Children's Book Council (US).

Comic Book Trailers does what it says – trailers for comics.


How-to guides

As mentioned above, there are many ways to produce a book trailer. These sites will provide assistance and examples on how to create book trailers with a range of software types.

These first sites offer guidance on producing a book trailer using two pieces of software almost universally available in schools: PowerPoint and Movie Maker.

Free Course - How to Make a Book Trailer (using PowerPoint)

Creating Book Trailers in Photo Story 3


These sites offer more general and wide ranging advice, moving on to other software types and techniques:

The Book Trailer Manual

Squidoo – Book Trailers

For more guides on video editing, see our Video page.

Examples – professional

These examples are a small selection of professionally produced book trailers. There are many thousands more a simple web-search away.


Graveyard Book

The Alchemist

Clockwork Angel

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

It’s a Book!



Examples – student

These book trailers were made by students either in class, or sometimes out of their own interest and passion for the books.

A student trailer for The Hunger Games:

An animated trailer for John Green’s Looking for Alaska:

This trailer for Bear and Chook by the Sea by a grade 5 student won him an award from the Children’s Book Council:


Lesson ideas

Make your own trailer
Students make a book trailer for a novel they have read. Use of technology will of course depend on access available at your school, but could include anything from a straightforward PowerPoint hosted online, to full-cast mini-dramas, with original soundtracks and special effects. If making the trailer itself is not possible, then it can be storyboarded.

Critiquing book trailers
Students view and critique book trailers. Were they professionally made, or amateur made? What format did they use? Did they entice you to read the book? What worked well and what did not work well? Are the most expensive trailers necessarily the most effective? Do book trailers add to the experience of a book?

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