Teaching Yourself Self Respect Essay

Definition essay on respect and other respect essays are very interesting topics, that you can disclose from several points of view. Our essay about respect will start with the fact that every person should have the feeling of self-respect. It is a feeling that gives us an understanding of your part in life, the ability to remain good person in any situation.

However, this feeling doesn’t appear from the moment you are born. It should raised in the child by his parents and teachers at school. They are the people who will explain the child the norms of the behavior in the society: what is allowed and what is forbidden. They are explaining how to be kind, honest, courageous and how to help those who is in need.

Person who has a well-developed feeling of self-respect  will do his best to study hard to be successful in life in future. He will accumulate the knowledge, in order to possess all the necessary things in life. Such a person will never laugh at his friends who are in need. He will simply help them.

According to Wikipedia, if you want to develop your self-respect, there are some moments you should pay attention to. Start to respect others. From this moment, you will be noticing positive aspects of each person and you will respect this person for his strong traits of character. That is how your own self-respect is being formed. Other people feel the man who has self-respect. It can be seen from his behavior and actions. In most cases they do not dare to tell a cruel joke in his side, because they will be afraid to be judged by this person, as they know that he will be right in his judgments. People who have no self-respect are often being laughed at, because they do not respect themselves and they simply can’t protect their dignity. Very often you may find such people crying, which once again proves the fact that this person is week and all he can do is to give up.

However, our life goes in such a way, that we are not able to change people who surround us. You will have to get mad at the most loveable person which you. At this point the way to changes will start. You should always bear in mind the things that you are proud of, and which make you respect yourself. Learn to be proud of yourself and then your inner position will be noticeable in your sledge, figure and sight, facial expression. You will be surprised to see the way the attitude of the people who surround you has changed for better! Mind the boarders of the self-respect and do not be afraid to show that someone has stepped over the boarder. A person with correct understanding of self-respect will be successful in all spheres of life, as well as in achievements and relationships with the people who surround him, as well as with the whole world around him.

Young people are told so often that self-respect is very important, and that they need it for many different reasons. The amount of self-respect we have varies greatly; some people have too little and perhaps some have too much. It’s necessary to examine why self-respect is important, and whether there is anything else more vital for a person’s happiness and well-being.

The primary reason that people need self-respect is that without it, they will be unhappy and not take care of themselves. Without self-respect, many people will fail to realize that what they want and need in life does actually matter, and because of this, they will go through life being miserable. They are also more likely to take risks with their health and the law, because they don’t think that their life is worth all that much, or that people don’t care what happens to them. Self-respect is necessary to having a happy and satisfying life, so everybody needs to have respect for themselves.

The second important reason that people need self-respect is that you need to respect yourself before anyone else will respect you. If someone has so little self-respect and self-esteem that they are unable to stand up for themselves, no one is going to respect them. One very good example of this is the case of peer pressure. A young person who gives in to everything will not be respected by their peers at all: simply expected to do the next big thing that they’re pressured to do. People who care about themselves will care enough about the body and their life to refuse things that they don’t want to do. Because of this, they will not only be able to demand respect from their peers, but also live a happier, healthier life where they don’t do everything just to please others.

However, having plenty of self-respect is no good if it totally outweighs the level of respect that we have for others. Respect is a two-way street, and if you don’t treat other people with the respect they deserve, you may respect yourself but nobody else will. Take teachers, for example. They have to earn respect and if they treat their students with respect, they will get it in return. If they just demand it without deserving it, however, nobody will respect them at all.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that self-respect is important. We need a certain amount to get what we need out of life, and get the respect that we need from others. But, respecting others is equally important. Ultimately, if the world were a more respectful place, where we respected ourselves and those around us, it would be a happier place.

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