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Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

For long, nutritionists have held the fact that what people eat determines their health and also their weight. However, this has resulted in the recommendations that people should avoid eating more fats, consume proteins in every meal, to avoid more sugars among others. Furthermore, nutrient timing provides the appropriate macronutrients in an adequate time when the body is primed to utilize them. However, nutritionists discovered breakfast to be the utmost vital meal. Breakfast is significant since it enhances every dimension of our body during the day (Dean et al., 2007). Breakfast is however, linked to good health that includes concentration and better memory. Moreover, people who take their most substantial meal in the morning tend to be healthier than those who skip breakfast. Taking breakfast can be easy and provides the body with benefits that last the whole day. Accordingly, the understudy will explain why breakfast is considered to be the utmost vital meal and why it should be consumed on a day to day basis.

Breakfast is an important meal because it influences the way the body performs mentally and physically. It should be taken within the two hours of awakening. Morning meal consists of whole grains, milk and vegetables which are rich in vitamins C and D. The morning meal refurbishes the level of blood glucose and increases the energy level after an overnight fast. It as well increases the liver and muscles glycogen stores. However, carbohydrates are the ideal fuel for muscles and nervous system; therefore, people who do physical activities in the morning are advised to consume more carbs in the morning. Breakfast also helps to kick-start metabolism enabling the body to burn calories during the day. Research shows that increase in energy expenditure is high in the mornings than during the evening. Therefore, by taking the morning meal, the body acquires enough energy to carry out daily activities. Skipping breakfast tends to provide the body with few calories during the day and however, producing less energy thus less physical activities.

Breakfast is essential for children growth because their bodies require fuel and nutrients. Children who do not take their breakfast experience a hard time to concentrate in school and also become more tired and restless. A study shows that children who take their morning meal have high performance compared to those who do not. This is mostly true when tackling complex tasks. Breakfast also provides them with more minerals and vitamins they require. Children who take breakfast have low body mass index (BMI) than those who skip their morning meal. When one skips breakfast and fails to restore the carbohydrate stores, it results in the low level of blood glucose which affects the ability to carry out mental tasks and concentrate.

Breakfast is supposed to be a significant factor for everyone on a daily nutrition plan. The morning meal immediately raises the body energy level while increasing vitality and vigor. It as well lowers the blood cortisol levels and regulates appetite, which over a period can affect body composition. Moreover, breakfast raises cognitive function and the capability to concentrate. For instance, for the health enthusiast and athletes, this creates more effective training sessions and also training adaption. Additionally, many people believe that skipping breakfast could help them in losing weight. Nonetheless, doing this might cause them to take snacks through the day and eat more during their other meals. However, taking breakfast facilitates healthy body weight by curbing hunger and also regulating blood sugar.


Taking breakfast is a healthful way of starting a day. Breakfast refuels the body and improves concentration and mental functioning. Breakfast also helps in maintaining healthy body weight and increase energy level. Therefore, breakfast has been proved to be the utmost meal a person ought to take on a daily basis.


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Specific Purpose:  To convince my audience of the importance of eating breakfast.

Thesis statement: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in your work and study. Studies show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight, preventing you from disease as well as keeping you healthy in a long term.


If there is a way to make yourself healthier, leaner and more focus on your daily life, do you want to take this offer? What if I told you the breakfast was the answer. Hello everyone, this is Johnny, today I’m going to convince you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, over any other meal. If you look at the word “breakfast” and break it down, it is actually made of two words--“break” and “fast”. You are breaking your fast from your previous night. Without breakfast, you are running on empty, like trying to start a car with no petrol!

I am going to talk about how breakfast can prevent you from the disease. How can make you leaner and how can help to focus on every days’ activities and the most important------- keep you healthy in a long-term.

Breakfast could help you prevent diseases.

So firstly, how it can help you prevent diseases?  Well, according to scientific research, if you skip breakfast, there is a 21% increased chance of you will be tight to diabetes. And the reason is because of insulin resistance. When you skip breakfast, you are giving a one more time for your body to make this insulin resistance. Going from last night’s dinner to today’s lunch, it is actually 16 to 18 hours. That’s a long time for your body to sit there without anything to help with your insulin balance. So when you eat breakfast, you decrease your chance of getting diabetes.  Also, according to the Harvard studies, Men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease than those who did eat a morning meal. Non-breakfast-eaters were generally hungrier later in the day and ate more food at night, perhaps leading to metabolic changes and heart disease.

Breakfast could make you leaner

I also go into making your body leaner which is my next subject. According to Arthritis Foundation, people who eat breakfast, on the other hand, get their metabolism humming and tend not to consume as many calories during the entire day. So they end up weighing less than those who don’t get the benefits of eating breakfast. In addition, not eating breakfast in the morning can ultimately make you overconsumption later in the day. By the time another opportunity to eat around, breakfast-skippers are more likely to choose something high in fat and calories to satisfy their hunger stomach. So eat a hearty breakfast.


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