Jonathan Barnes Essays In Ancient Philosophy Conference

Jonathan Barnes, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Emeritus

Edited by Maddalena Bonelli, University of Bergamo

Jonathan Barnes taught at Oxford for 25 years, being a Fellow first of Oriel and then of Balliol. He then spent eight years at the University of Geneva, before becoming Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the Sorbonne. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His many publications include The Ontological Argument (Macmillan, 1972); Aristotle's PosteriorAnalytics (Clarendon Press, 2nd edition 1993); Aristotle (OUP, 1982); The Complete Works of Aristotle (Princeton UP, 1984); The Modes of Scepticism (with J. Annas; CUP, 1985); Early Greek Philosophy (Penguin, 1987); The Toils of Scepticism (CUP, 1990); The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle (CUP, 1995); Porphyry: Introduction (Clarendon Press, 2003); Truth, etc. (Clarendon Press, 2007); Method and Metaphysics (OUP, 2011); Logical Matters (OUP, 2012); and Proof, Knowledge, and Scepticism (OUP, 2014).

So with 300 votes cast in our latest poll, here are the results

1. Myles Burnyeat  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Gregory Vlastos  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 106–102
3. Terence H. Irwin  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 145–60, loses to Gregory Vlastos by 134–52
4. Michael Frede  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 117–70, loses to Terence H. Irwin by 93–84
5. Jonathan Barnes  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 130–62, loses to Michael Frede by 114–67
6. G.E.L. Owen  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 141–38, loses to Jonathan Barnes by 107–64
7. Julia Annas  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 157–47, loses to G.E.L. Owen by 96–78
8. John M. Cooper  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 158–34, loses to Julia Annas by 106–71
9. Richard Sorabji  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 165–34, loses to John M. Cooper by 97–76
10. David N. Sedley  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 166–18, loses to Richard Sorabji by 83–78
11. Sarah Waterlow Broadie  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 167–31, loses to David N. Sedley by 101–63
12. J.L. Ackrill  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 157–30, loses to Sarah Waterlow Broadie by 93–63
13. Richard H. Kraut  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 165–23, loses to J.L. Ackrill by 96–50
14. Martha C. Nussbaum  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 170–40, loses to Richard H. Kraut by 76–75
15. Gisela Striker  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 173–12, loses to Martha C. Nussbaum by 96–60
16. Gail Fine  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 173–19, loses to Gisela Striker by 80–49
17. Alan Code  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 171–14, loses to Gail Fine by 81–46
18. Anthony A. Long  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 173–13, loses to Alan Code by 73–56
19. Malcolm Schofield  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 176–12, loses to Anthony A. Long by 68–56
20. Charles Kahn  loses to Myles Burnyeat by 170–16, loses to Malcolm Schofield by 74–48

Note some omissions from the poll noted in the prior thread.

Putting aside the ordinal ranking, the top ten mostly makes sense.  I was astonished that Guthrie was not in the top 20.  I was also astonished that Code was not in the top ten.  In any case, comments are open for discussion. 

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