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Think Smarter provides a business-focused, non-academic, practical approach of thinking critically and acting strategically. Mike has a very conversational tone in his writing on this critical subject, thereby making what can potentially be a very dry subject an interesting read.  More importantly, the examples of how to use the process of critical thinking and the key “takeaways” help the reader apply the content appropriately.  The concepts in Think Smarter are easy to implement quickly,  realizing great results.

Jacqui Bellini-Murray, Senior Training Manager, Genentech

Think Smarter will help your organization solve problems, make decisions, and achieve goals in a completely new way.   Within my organization, it gave individuals in a variety of roles the tools to be purposeful in how they approached problems.  The best part is that the tools can start to be used TODAY. 

Lisa Voleski, Vice President and Senior Business Training Manager (Top 20 Bank)

Intelligence can be found, knowledge can be acquired, but critical thinking can only be developed.  Finally, Mike Kallet delivers a guide for honing this much-needed skill in decision making.  Practical and simple, yet profound.  Every leader, every decision maker, needs this guide!

Tess Reynolds, CEO New Door Ventures

Mike Kallet’s Think Smarter is a stimulating, practical guide that expands the thinking processes to embrace new concepts while keeping a focus on what is success.   This is a book developed thru years of working with leaders and teams to move them to new levels of problem solving and performance.   I have both participated and overseen teams who have been coached by Mike’s Critical Thinking.   The improvements in the subsequent product developments and intra-team dynamics were impressive, breaking historical patterns of thinking processes.  The exercises in Think Smarter are especially helpful in bringing clarity to the use of the tools and techniques introduced.   Think Smarter is a must read for leaders who are challenged with solving the everyday problems of a business while finding approaches that step up the innovative capabilities of their teams.

Dan Yost, Managing Partner at Dankat and former EVP at Qwest Communications

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"Read Think Smarter and refer to it daily to help your team improve their decisions and grow your business faster and more profitably"

"Think Smarter is an unusual book about the process that moves from thinking to deciding to doing. Unlike most books, Kallet's book is accessible to most readers and the content is easy to apply. It's rare that a book about thinking critically causes you to examine your preconceived notions in any serious sense. This lays out a useful action plan to do that in every significant decision you're going to make"

Brilliant Work !!!! Michael Kallet has packaged the subject of critical thinking in a way that helps organize your approach to managing problems and identifying solutions"

"this book is my manual to critical thinking. it needs to be read and consulted until the skills are second nature. I give this book 7 out of 5 stars."

"Not your typical business book full of 'cheese', but instead, full of practical approaches to thinking about and solving real-world problems"

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Section I Introduction and the Framework for Critical Thinking 1

1 What Is Critical Thinking? 3

2 When to Use Critical Thinking 10

3 The Framework and Tools 16

Section II Clarity 21

4 Empty Your Bucket 23

5 Inspection 28

6 Why? 33

7 So What? 43

8 Need 50

9 Anticipatory Thinking 57

10 What Else? 62

11 The Ingredient Diagram 65

12 Vision 71

13 The Thinking Coach 74

14 Summary of Clarity 79

Section III Conclusions 83

15 It’s All about the Premise 85

16 Facts 90

17 Observations 94

18 Experiences 99

19 Beliefs 104

20 Assumptions 110

21 The Conclusion: Putting It All Together 114

22 Credibility 128

23 Consistency 132

24 Triangular Thinking 136

25 Change 141

26 Influencing and Persuading 147

Section IV Conclusions and Innovation 155

27 Outside-the-Box Thinking 159

28 Abductive Thinking 164

29 Impossible Thinking 172

30 Summary of Conclusions 176

Section V Decisions 179

31 Who, Need, and When 181

32 Criteria 186

33 Risk 189

34 Summary of Decisions 200

Critical Thinking

Summary and Suggestions 203

About the Author 209

Index 211

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