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People have different ideas and opinions on the subject of writing an effective resume. However, the most popular and accepted opinions are focused on the use of clear and precise objectives, skill sets, qualifications, job experience and reference statements. These sections are vital for any profile, for any professional. Lack of any one aspect often results in an incomplete and a poorly drafted profile document.

Format, layout and presentation are the next features. We often think over the style of presenting the information. However, chronological format is the most widely used and accepted style of presenting information in your resume. It needs to contain full contact information in a clear manner. Always keep in mind that your profie document should answer the question 'why you should be selected for the position'? It should list your relevant experience and achievements in the most desirable manner.

The good news of resume writing is that there are no strict rules to be followed in the process. An easy and effective tip is more than enough to make it strong and compelling. Every resume is a piece of advertising tool. The only idea is to communicate the required information in the most simple and informative manner.

Editing is the process of reviewing, correcting and organizing any piece of written material. This also includes video, sound, images, and film. The aim of an editor is to produce the final work free from any type of errors. However, the roles and responsibilities vary according to the area one works for. One can work as editor in the field of magazines, newspaper or in films. The job profile greatly depends on the level and field of working.

This Page is especially for people looking for a career in the field of editing. It contains editor resume examples for different positions. Each sample in this section communicates relevant skills and job profile in a clear manner. The examples in this section will help you to understand more on the job profile of different editorial positions. You can start preparing your profile by following these examples.

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Assignment Editor Resume Samples

Assignment Editors work for newspapers and radio or television stations and decide which reporter should cover a given story. Essential job duties of an Assignment Editor are generating new story ideas, delegating tasks, writing stories, editing new content, and updating website and social media pages. Our collection of resume samples in the field makes display of the following aptitudes: excellent writing skills, knowledge of current affairs, flexibility, organization, being able to work under pressure, and computer competences. Successful resumes for Assignment Editor should mention a degree in journalism or broadcasting.

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Assignment Editor

Supervised, coordinated and assigned news coverage to 300 anchors, reporters and producers for, World
News, [company name] with a strong focus on foreign news.

  • Leveraged social media and other new media technology to start a conversation on news stories.
  • Researched and gathered information on developing stories and advancing new and creative stories for ABC News
  • Provided technical and problem-solving support for field teams.
  • Traveled to breaking news stories and created mini bureaus for developing coverage and logistical plans.

Assignment Editor

Determines story coverage and coordinates assignment of photographers and news chopper.

  • Participates in news briefings and assists in research and development of stories.
  • Maintains contact with outside news agencies, including police and fire departments, to obtain information for potential news items.
  • Proofreads and edits news copy to ensure accuracy and adherence to ethical and legal standards.
  • Ensures that news staff remains abreast of all breaking news assignments and provides updates on previous assignments.
  • Coordinated the dissemination of information amongst three LNS (local news service) desks located in Philadelphia.

Assignment Editor

  • Learned many marketing aspects and techniques from Beryl J. Wolk (marketed ESPN, QVC, and Comcast)
  • Composed emails and Internet marketing ideas for various businesses.
  • Performed various office duties including answering phones, data entry, conference calls, photocopying, etc.

Assignment Editor

  • Set up stories for weekend news crews to cover by reaching out to potential story contacts during the week
  • Oversaw news coverage during major sporting events and maintained contact with team members and media representatives
  • Wrote stories for station website

Producer/writer/assignment Editor

  • Wrote Stories for all available morning and evening newscasts
  • Developed sources to obtain information about breaking news stories
  • Determined relevance of news stories to include in potential newscasts

Assignment Editor

  • Researched and created news stories on a daily basis
  • Sought local perspectives on important national stories for newscasts
  • Wrote clear and concise daily web stories on local news
  • Effectively relayed information to newsroom producers and reporters

Assignment Editor/writer

  • Coordinated daily press conferences, events, and court schedules for daily broadcast.
  • Set up relevant interviews using source contacts.
  • Gathered content and provided story ideas relevant to NewsFix target audience.
  • Wrote content for NewsFix broadcast and Website.
  • Provided clips and graphics for written stories.

Assignment Editor

  • Planned story coverage for each day
  • Responsible for breaking news decisions
  • Ensured unbiased coverage
  • Organized and planned all advanced stories
  • Prepared schedule for all newsroom staff

Assignment Editor

  • Monitor stories from various sources including scanner traffic, all newspapers, wire services, and social media
  • Supervise the news desk and assign reporters and cameramen in three zones
  • Work and coordinate with producers to determine content needs
  • Contact news sources as needed and confirm information gathered
  • Lead daily story meetings to discuss all-possible news stories and video sources
  • Work with the News Director and Executive Producers to develop plans for the afternoon and evening broadcasts

Assignment Editor/web Editor

  • Plan, implement and help guide the news coverage for over 40 reporters & photographers in market 36 of 209.
  • Write web & social media content; Send breaking news alerts; Monitor scanners and multiple sources for news.
  • Fluent in ENPS, MediaOS, AppBoy, UpLynk, Oasis, FTP, TVU, MS Office, Apple OS, and social media platforms.


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