Independent Schools Essay Competition

ISA Essay Competition

25th July 2015

The winners of this year’s ISA essay competition have now been announced, including pupils from Red House School, Ditcham Park School and Bellerbys College, Brighton.

This year’s essay competition observed an extremely wide range of talented young individuals. We would like to thank all of our ISA Members whose schools took part in this event, and send our sincere congratulations to our prize winners.

A special thank you must also go out to Innermedia, who kindly sponsored this year’s competition by providing and presenting Android tablets to the pupils who were awarded prizes. We would like to thank Chris and his team for their continued support of ISA and the work that we do.

Finally, a great thank you must be given to our dedicated and enthusiastic judges, without whom this competition would not have been possible

A copy of the full ISA Essay Competition Report can be downloaded below.

ISA Essay Competition Report

Patriot's Pen Youth Essay Competition Winners


Patriot’s Pen is a VFW-sponsored youth essay competition that gives students an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on an annual patriotic theme. This year’s theme is “America’s Gift to My Generation.”

ISM’s 8th graders enter every year through the Bloomington Post and ISM is proud to announce that Noor N., Celine B., Nicole B., took first through third places.

ISM congratulates Noor’s on placing first in the state competition for the VFW's Patriot Pen Essay contest.

Noor's essay now advances to the national competition. She is the first ISM student to have won not only the district but also the state competition. We wish her well in the national competition!

Congratulations, Noor!

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