Money Is Something But Not Everything Essay Definition

Does being rich make you happy?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says here that it does to some extent, but that there’s more to life than chasing after money. Of course, Mr. Bernanke is not the only one to have this view on money and happiness. Numerous studies on happiness support his conclusions.

Here are a few thoughts on the points Bernanke makes in his speech:

Basic Human Needs Must Be Met

When people say that money does not buy happiness, they generally mean “extra money.” I think we can all agree, and research supports this view, that people whose basic needs for shelter, clothing and food are not met, will find it very difficult to feel happy.

Of course, there are exceptions, including people whose religious beliefs dictate that they should be happy with as few material possessions as possible, but for most of us, we can only be happy once our basic needs are met.

The Joneses Cannot Be Escaped

Happiness research shows that when people determine their level of happiness, how much they have compared with others is more important than how much they have in absolute terms. Again, this is assuming basic needs have been met.

Although rich people in a given country generally feel happier than poor people in the same country, rich people in a rich country do not feel happier than rich people in a poor country, even though in absolute terms, they have more. So, we tend to feel happy once our basic needs are met and we have more than the people surrounding us.

This means that while keeping up with the Joneses could be destructive if we let it go too far, it is also part of human nature to want to feel at least on the same level, financially, as those surrounding us.

However, we should not allow ourselves to get caught up in competing with our neighbors on external signals of “I have more than you do” which really mean nothing, because a big house and a big car and an expensive vacation could simply mean that one is in serious debt, and not that one is “well off”.

But You Should Escape The Rat Race

To me, the most important takeaway from Bernanke’s speech is the importance of staying out of the rat race. So yes, you need to work hard, get the education you need to land a good job, and work long and hard enough to get to a place where you can easily meet your basic needs.

What are basic needs? For most middle or upper middle class Americans, basic needs are not very basic anymore. We expect to be able to provide a family of 4-5 with adequate shelter, new clothing, plenty of food, health care and education, while also saving for our retirement.

This isn’t straightforward, certainly not in the US where people basically need to fend for themselves and there’s much less government support than in other countries (but also more freedom for businesses and entrepreneurs, less government regulations and lower taxes).

“Meeting basic needs” requires effort and dedication, but once those basic needs are met, take a good look at your life and at your career choices. Work-life balance is important. It doesn’t make sense to kill yourself, emotionally and physically, working 40 hours per week for 40 years in a job you hate and living for the weekend.

Can you find a job that you actually like? Can you start your own business? Can you work less hours, accepting a pay cut but improving your quality of life?

For most of us, once our basic needs have been met, happiness is achieved when we engage in activities that are interesting to us, spend time with friends and family and stay active. Making money for the sake of making money does not make people happy – on the contrary.

Ideally, these are questions that should be answered when you’re still young and just starting out. Don’t wait until your midlife crisis to realize that half your life has passed you by and you’re still unhappy.

Over to you now. It’s a big question, I know… but do you feel happy? Do you think your happiness is tied, at least to some extent, to your financial situation?

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Money is the most powerful medium to get things of our necessity, comfort and luxuries. It is by money that we buy our food, clothes and an abode. Without money, we cannot survive for a day. This is a fact of life. On the other side, it is also realized that money is not everything. It cannot buy many things. It is said that, by hiring the services of a person for performing a job, you can only buy his time in which he uses his knowledge and skill but you cannot buy his loyalty to you. His loyalty is a kind of donation or contribution to you.

Similarly, you cannot buy a mother’s love or, for that matter, love from anyone in exchange of money. If it were so, most of the millionaires would not be unhappy. There are many more things which money could not buy. Life cannot be bought by money. Money, though very powerful, is not everything.

By Himanshu Bhai  /   In Patna, Bihar, India..

According to me money is not every thing but money is sonething because suppose you have lots of knowledge but you haven't money then then your knowledge is useless you have to go any shop and do job you are not accept the respect whos you are owner of these thats why money is important for our life...!

By Srinivas chavan  /   In Hubli..

Yes money is important in life but don't always. Run behind money because it hurts you when some one criticizes you for money be happy as a simply life its the most happiest thing in the world proud to be simple to be happy.

By Ravi Shankar Kumar  /   In Chapra..

According to me “Money isn't everything it's something”. By the help of money you can do anything, you can buy anything but by the help of money you can't buy your family happiness & why we are forget that due to money we can buy a house but not a home, due to money we can buy a clock but not time for our children's and our family so my think is saying that it's not everything.

By Vinod Ambali  /   In Belgaum..

Friends really money playing importent role in the soceity,becz without money we can't live in the world. In the present condition peoples are thinking for only money, how to we get? as per this suitiation money is powerful medium.

In world any where ,we getting news by media that is there is bomb blasted ,killed any one,kidnaped and politions were correpting people . this things why happing in the world, becz of money.

If suppose any one dont have money ,they will not get respect thats getting the rich persons. in other words "NO MONEY" and "NO RESPECT". If u have money then definately u will get respect along money.

In marriage also money role is importent . if u have money then sure u will get good bride.really this is bad thing , getting dowry this is really to shame to our society .

In now suitiation money is importent.without money they will not live..

By Sukanti  /   In New Delhi..

Well in my opinion money is not everthing. It is the fact that without money our lives sucks. So everyone wants money to fulfill their needs. We can say money plays an important role in our lives but I suggest instead of wasting money on luxurious things we can help poor people for their survival.

By Sumit chauhan  /   In New Delhi..

In my point of view when I think practical that Money is not very thing. According to me.but money is equal to love'caren happiness. This is the truth of every life. I tell you the reason . Every body running behind the money. Rhey r not thinking the way to earn money some people are do bad things for earing money. Single human his or her not running behind love care n happiness. Now a days for people first priority is money. if you have money then you can buy food clothes and luxury life After that I can fell I m happy in this life. I m not saying that money is every thing. But without money nobody can survive in single day. Its practical so be a good human being in our life. Life will be easy for every one. Thanks.

By Logeshwari Subramani  /   In Coimbatore..

Money is the major requirement in our life. starting from our birth till our death we need money to survive in earth. No one can Value people if we doesn't have money. Even our friends and relatives didn't respect us if we don't have money. people respect people if we have money.

By Nandhini  /   In Chennai..

Money is important than other things in the world.if you have money you respect others.otherwise no one respect you. Why we are working company because money. We need money to satisfy our requirement. Forexample if you give money to bugger then only he/she respect you. otherwise that bugger also cann't respect.
But on the otherside money gives everything in the wold but it cann't give love and affection.

By tripathi  /   In Lucknow..

money is an important mean to fulfill our necessities.we can buy all important things of our use by money.we can buy food,luxuries and many other items of use.we get education in exchange of is a mean to determine country\'s economic growth.flow of income and outcome,all in term of money,in all we cannot survive for a day without money.but on other side we can not all thing from money.for example,we can\'t get love and happiness in exchange of money.

By Chirag  /   In New Delhi..

With the increased value of money it is very much predictable that money is the only source for every little thing that we purchase. rich peoples are always respected whereas poor's are left aside at the same time money cannot fetch you the happiness in life. No matter you are rich or poor one must not forget god is above us and humanity should be our top priority.

By Somya mishra  /   In Kanpur..

In today's world money is the most important part of our life. Without money we can't imagine our single day of life.... It looks like hell. Money plays vital role in present world. Everybody wants more and more money.... If we don't have money people don't even know us.... Every person wants to be like Amitabh bacchan, Anil ambani, Sachin tendulkar Who wants to be like a begger or labour of a road side...? That's why money is most important thing but somehow in a life, at some moment we need love, affection care more than money.... At that time money can't helps us. Money gives us all luxuries comfors and every facility we want but we can't buy our loved one's life through money. Thus we can say that money is our neccesity but not everything in life.

By Sakrajit Patra  /   In Sambalpur university, Odisha..

In my point of view money is every thing in life. People respect those people who have the owner of lots of money. And when you have no money people dont know who are you. People always support the reach people not the poor people.

By Khushi  /   In Delhi..

Money is most powerful of our life. But money is not everything.we buy everything by money but not buy the love,affection,happiness. Due to this money create bad relationship between the people.As a result then they kill them.So in my point of view money is not everything. All blessing,love,care,and affection are in our life till the end then we are get everything in our life.These things give us to very happiness and everything, not money.

By LaksmanaSwamy  /   In Coimbatore.

In our economic condition we all depend on money,so that without money we cannot survive a day. Each individual person should want money to survive. We could buy a necessary thing like Food, Cloths and other thing.But not money make everything...

For example we cannot buy friendship,love by exchange of money. From the childhood we should know about the importance of money,Sothat we made to make money.

And also Eduction system is a system to improve our knowledge not to make money.
Now that we should get the eduction by exchange of money.

By Priyanka  /   In Mumbai.

When we see reality Money becomes an important factor because in Today's world when you are born the need for money starts,firstly for hospital vaccination,then comes your playgroup,school fees,higher secondary studies .Do we seriously think that all this above thing we can get without spending single penny. That's the reason we need money.
After completing your higher studies do anyone wants to do job where he/she did not want to receive salary.The answer is No,because we want something in return of what we does but,this doesn't means I'm selfish, I need earning to fulfill by thirst, by dream. So we cant say we don't required money at all, we need it has become essential we cant live without it.
Living comes with happiness which we cannot get from money so emotion relation with balance of wealth what make life to go comfortably

By Vshakha   /   In Bihar.

From my point of view money is a prime requirement of life but we cant say that money is everything in life.
we spend our whole life in earning money, but forget our prime duty of life.
We forget our place where we started our life. If I get success in life then we need develop our society. Which is possible when we earn money. So money is everything if we learn how to use the money for human development.

Without money we can't do anything in life.
From the beginning to the end of life money plays a very vital role in anyone's life .
So money is everything in life.

By Shaad  /   In New Delhi.

Today everybody is running behind money making, it has become a 1st priority to every individual, right from the childhood it is told to earn money directly or indirectly,suppose a person is preparing for engineering field, he is expected to get qualified in jee advance, it is not the motive to get good education, but their mindset is to get a job outside the country... I am not saying everybody is involved in making money.. though money provides basic necessities but, we cannot buy moral values, ideas, ethics.. truthfulness,g regariousness, kindhearted, such qualities cannot be buy from money,in fact. It is noticed money makes us stingy, introvert, egocentric, sycophants last I would like to say only money making should not be the main motive of life, thank you

By Kristy Karuna  /   In Singheshwar.

According to me money is something but not everything. i know through the madium of money we can purches anything. But we can't purches love, affection so I can say in my point of view as without salt a vegetable is incomplete as like it life is incomplete without it . But it does nt mattr money is everything...

By Najma  /   In Hyderabad.

money plays an important role in one's life. With the help of money we can buy anything but we cannot buy love and affection with money. As these days, importance is given to those person who has lot of money not to the one who don't have the money which is very wrong. So this kind of mentality should not be there in human mind.


If a Person earns hefty amounts of money and lost his life what is the use for him, money is essential only to lead our life, we can earn money by any means if we are talented, say for Example Sachin Tendulkar He didn't Concentrated on Money, He concentrated On Cricket, But Name & Fame ,Money everything Followed Him because of his Discpilinary Life. So Money Does n't Matters, The way we lead our life, and what efforts we can impose on our Responsibility Matters.

By Sutapa  /   In India.

Money is the means of exchange. Without money nothing can be purchased now a days. Money is essential for living. No human can survive without food and water, which are also purchased only with money. Money is crucial but not mandatory. Though money is not everything but it also has some value. Love and affection can't be buyed by money but life is buyed with money. Both sympathy, love, faithfulness, trueness is required along with should not become part and parcel of our life but it can't also be eliminated from life. In my view money is also needed along with the pleasures of life. But the balance should be maintained, as misuse of anything leads to destruction.

By MD Afsar  /   In Bihar.

In my opinion money is very important in our life. Because without money we can not buy any thing. Without money I can do any thing. It is said that money is misers god. If I have money than, first of all money can be adopted by us education without money I'll not success in our life

By Dubey Akhlesh  /   In Behind, Madhya Pradesh.

Money cannot bring peace in anyone life , if you want to be happy in your life than family is more important than money . You cannot buy love of your mother by paying her .

By Aisha  /   In Jaipur.

I also sure that money is not everything we cant buy happiness from money with money we can buy happiness for second but not for our whole life money play an important role in our life...

By Nagaraj  /   In Guntur..

In present days money is the most important thing in every where.some times whether it is not necessary, but more money is in our hand, we will definitely in trouble. We will once remember in what way we are using the money! you choose it is right or wrong to debit the money.

By Sathya  /   In Tirupathi..

Money is not every thing to us. Beyond money there are certain ethics in the human relations to be followed. There is a well known idiom "if wealth is gone nothing is gone if health is gone some thing is gone". if charecter is gone all are gone. Because of the strong relation with one another only we we will get more money. So instead of earning money we should mould up certain good charecters which are very worthfull to us. Man is a social animal he only have created the money and it is not good to become slave of money. The humanity and moral values of the men should dominate the value of money. Still in the world there are many incredible and famous persons who are showing comapassion to the poor people.These things are not replaced by the money. money does not give us happiness. it will supply us expensive things only. which will not bring us peace of mind. it is through ones merit and capacity one can get a job and not through money. The job which we get through our capacity will stand for ever.but not through giving curroption.

By Karan  /   In New Delhi..

Although it has been an overstated naive opinion to say that money is not everything, I would like to saddle upon an aspect of money which persuaded the people of our country to declare our government inefficient on the basis of falling currency condition. So if that could be decisive factor in changing a full fledged government, then it is evidently explained. Secondly an individual working and living in any environment is regulated by the monetary conditions in there. So, although I would like to go for a statement that 'Money cannot buy everything'. But money is not nothing!

By Harikrishnan  /   In Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Money it is one of a most powerful tool that must be in every ones hand. The way we use it it plays a good role in our life. it can buy you everything you dream for things. It can also bring happiness to you. It can also gives you self satisfied feel.

but these all are are artificially made things. It can’t fetch you the real happiness that is permanent ones. ie.,it cannot buy the permanent happiness of your can’t buy the permanent happiness of your loved ones. Though MONEY plays a major role in every ones life.

We cannot buy the pure hear of the person. it can be buyed only with the good behaviour, caring with others.


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