Fin 370 Week 5 Team Assignment Kudler Network

which will prevent viruses, worms, and other known exploits at the system level. The new systems will allow for faster transactions and communication to the POS server. The new systems will be in constant communication with the hand held inventory system. This will give all employees the ability to check on current prices, stock, and shipments in real-time whenever they need without waiting for management. The VoWLAN will give all employees and management cell phones that work within the Kudler WLAN network. This will eliminate the headaches missed calls, busy signals, and not being able to contact a manger when needed. The new communication system will have the ability to call all sites whenever needed. The VoWLAN connection will be provided by the Cisco 1941 wireless router. The OfficeServ VoWLAN supplies a wireless signal to all the phones in the area and will act like a cell phone network located within the company.


Marketing Mix 2Marketing MixProduct, price, placement, and promotion are known as the 4 P’s in marketing. These four elements, in turn, make-up what is known as the “marketing mix.” Neil Borden, a Harvard professor, first coined the term “marketing mix” in an article in the Harvard Business Review.Mr. Borden used the term to describe the various essentials that were needed to come together to produce what would be an effective marketing plan. The successful manipulation of theseelements will serve to produce the greatest number of sales. In this paper the author will describethe various elements, and give an example of the use of these elements.


What is marketing? Marketing can be defined as the expectation, supervision, and thesatisfaction of demand through the process of exchange (Kermally, 2003). In the business of selling, buyers need to be sought out, needs are to be identified, products are to be designed, and products are promoted and priced.

The Marketing Mix

The purpose of the marketing mix is the sectioning of a business into pieces that can be re-arranged and tweaked dependant on the needs of the customer. Knowing what a customer wantsallows a company to identify opportunities. These opportunities in turn will expose anyshortcomings or advantages. With this information the company can now match what is feasibleand what is not. Moreover, the organization can now focus on a specific segment of the market(Scott, 2005). The geographic factor, such as what countries or regions a company wants tomarket is another consideration. That along with the demographics: population size, traits, andfamily size are other factors that need to be addressed (Kermally, 2003).


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