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1. An association of people or firms formed to promote a common interest or carry out a business enterprise.

2. A loose affiliation of gangsters in control of organized criminal activities.

3. An agency that sells articles, features, or photographs for publication in a number of newspapers or periodicals simultaneously.

4. A company consisting of a number of separate newspapers; a newspaper chain.

5. The office, position, or jurisdiction of a syndic or body of syndics.

v.(-kāt′)syn·di·cat·ed, syn·di·cat·ing, syn·di·cates

a. To organize into or manage as a syndicate.

b. To sell (a horse) to a syndicate.

2. To sell (a comic strip or column, for example) through a syndicate for simultaneous publication in newspapers or periodicals.

3. To sell (a television series, for example) directly to independent stations.


a. To create a feed for (a website), allowing users to include content from the website in other websites or to view the content.

b. To include (the contents of a website) on another website by using a feed.


To join together in a syndicate.

[French syndicat, from Old French, office of syndic, from Medieval Latin syndicātus, from Late Latin syndicus, syndic; see syndic.]

syn′di·ca′tion n.

syn′di·ca′tor n.



1. (Economics) an association of business enterprises or individuals organized to undertake a joint project requiring considerable capital

2. (Journalism & Publishing) a news agency that sells articles, photographs, etc, to a number of newspapers for simultaneous publication

3. (Economics) any association formed to carry out an enterprise or enterprises of common interest to its members

4. (Education) a board of syndics or the office of syndic

5. (Historical Terms) (in Italy under the Fascists) a local organization of employers or employees


6. (Journalism & Publishing) (tr) to sell (articles, photographs, etc) to several newspapers for simultaneous publication

7. (Broadcasting) (tr) US to sell (a programme or programmes) to several local commercial television or radio stations

8. to form a syndicate of (people)

[C17: from Old French syndicat office of a syndic]



(n. ˈsɪn dɪ kɪt; v. -ˌkeɪt)

n., v. -cat•ed, -cat•ing.n.

1. a group of individuals or organizations combined or cooperating to undertake some specific duty, transactions, or negotiations.


a. an agency that buys articles, stories, photographs, etc., and distributes them for simultaneous publication in a number of newspapers or periodicals.

b. a chain of newspapers.

3. a group or association of gangsters controlling organized crime or one type of crime.

4. a council or body of syndics.


5. to combine into a syndicate.

6. to publish simultaneously in a number of newspapers or periodicals.

7. to sell (a radio or television program, series, etc.) directly to independent stations.


8. to combine to form a syndicate.

[1600–10; < Middle French syndicat < Medieval Latin syndicātus. See syndic, -ate3]


With the ECGC PO and Syndicate Po exams  around the corner, we have to discuss about the “Descriptive Section”. In the descriptive writing coining an Essay is very important. When the Essay is executed properly it could be of a great advantage to the writer. Without further adieu let us talk about the format and the most expected topics for this year.

Essay WRITING – Format

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to essay writing rules. But however every essay has 3 basic elements which areIntroductionEssay Body and Conclusion. Lets us discuss in detail about each of them.


  • The introduction is what is going to catch the eye of the reader, So put  your main point that you are trying to reaffirm (thesis) in this paragraph.
  • Quoting something a famous person said with relevance to your essay would serve as a bonus.
  • Transitional Hook – something which indicates the reader what they can further expect in the essay. Having a transitional hook can be of vital importance to your essay. It gives the essay a definite structure.


  • This is the longest part of the essay. Here is where you state all your supporting points.
  • It can generally contain 2 or 3 paragraphs.
  • Organise all your arguments/main points in to paragraphs.
  • Give illustrations/examples for each of the same to indicate your knowledge on the subject.

                                                  1st Paragraph – include the strongest points you have.

                                                 2nd Paragraph – state all less strong points.

                                                 3rd Paragraph – involve all the weakest arguments.

Note:  An essay can have up to 5 paragraphs depending on the topic and it is always advised to stick to the word limit (if any).


Here is where your bring the finishing touch to your essay. You can do that by:

  • Restating your thesis (you main argument)
  • Summarize all your supporting points.
  • Make a strong and final statement to bring the essay together in order to conclude.

important topics for Essay WRITING 2018

These are few of the important topics that you can expect this year.

  1. A year since Demonitisation – Failure or Success?
  2. Impact of GST Bill – has it made our lives easier?
  3. Degrading Air Quality is chocking the country’s capital!- Suggest Measures to prevent air pollution in future.
  4. Religious Intolerance – How does it affect freedom of expression of citizens? (Padmavat Controversy)
  5. Reservation – A social boon or a bane?

Related to Government Schemes:

  1. Should  Aadhar be force fed to us or be a personal choice?
  2. Beti Bachao Beti Badhao Abhiyaan.
  3. National Pension Scheme: Advantages & Disadvantages
  4. Unnat Jyoti by Affordable Lighting for All (UJALA) Scheme

Related to Banking & Economy:

  1. Fastest Growing Economy of the world – Myth or Reality (Economic Survey 2018 highlights)
  2. Cyber crime: A growing threat to Indian Banking Sector
  3. Are digital payments and e- wallets the future of transaction in India?
  4. The Non Performing Assets and their Impacts
  5. Merger of Associate Banks with SBI: Impact on Indian economy.



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