Health And Social Care Gcse Coursework Help

  1. Heyy, We've go a useless teacher who hasn't really told us what we need to do for the coursework. She has told us to research two jobs we want to do for the coursework, and to reference eveything.

    When someone says everything, I assume they mean everything. So every little fact was refferenced, and she, obviously moaned about that, but didn't correct me.

    Nobody really knows what to do so we're just guessing.

    Not good. So, has anybody done it last year, or are you doing it now, with a half decent teacher??
    If so, and you got a grade around B upwards preferable, (although any help is appreciated) please let me know what to do. Or some tips or something. Like what to include.

  2. Hi i'm are you doing unit 11 working in health and social care i'm currently doing that and its awful.

    i gotta go at the min but il give u more info on it when i get back cos im almost done xxxx

  3. Do you mean Unit 11? I did that in June - got a distinction. I'll try and find the info for you

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Controlled Assessment

Unit SA1: Working in Health and Social Care is assessed through controlled assessment. Students must complete three controlled tasks. These are worth 60 percent of the final award and are available in summer only.

We set the controlled assessment tasks. The class teacher marks them and we moderate them. The assessments take place in summer, at a date and time suited to individual centres.

Please note that we review and amend the tasks every two years.

Students must plan and carry out investigations and tasks in which they:

  • analyse issues and problems;
  • identify, gather and record relevant information and evidence;
  • analyse and evaluate evidence; and
  • make reasoned justifications and present conclusions.

We expect students to complete their research-based assignments under conditions that combine both classroom and independent study activities.

The work of individual students may be informed by working with others, but all students must provide an individual response.

Teachers should guide and supervise students to:

  • outline questions/tasks;
  • monitor progress;
  • prevent plagiarism and repetition;
  • ensure that the contributions of individual students are recorded accurately; and
  • advise on methods of presentation.

Teachers must not correct students’ work in detail and then allow them to write up a fair copy. Once a student has submitted the assignment and it has been awarded a mark, that mark is final. The student may not carry out further work.

Teachers must ensure that their students complete all parts of the tasks.

For more information, see the specification.

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