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Question 1: What are the organization, management and technology dimensions of information systems? [3 marks]Answer:An information system represents a combination of management, organization, andtechnology elements. The management dimension of information system involvesleadership, strategy, and management behavior. The technology dimension consists of computer hardware, software, data management technology, andnetworking/telecommunication technology (including the internet). The Organizationdimension of information system involves the organization’s hierarchy, functionalspecialties, business processes, culture, political interest groups.Question 2: Describe some of the major changes that information systems are bringing toorganizations. [3 marks]Answer:The flattening of organizations is probably one that students will cite, particularly withthe concern over downsizing. The parallel increase in information and in the decisionpower of line workers (empowerment), and their corresponding increase in work satisfaction, is often missed in media reports of downsizing. The flexibility of organizations in operations, for example, custom manufacturing and in linking customersand suppliers (thus reducing order time) are some of the major changesQuestion 3: Describe the two factors that explain why organizations adopt informationsystems. [4 marks]Answer:• Customers now prefer to execute transaction in an electronic environment throughonline-trading. Also the establishment of customer services centers has also removed theinconvenience to access vendor’s physical locations.• Due to absence of physical contact, companies are curious to keep a soft touch in anefficient manner. This requires keeping a customer-wise online track of pastcorrespondence and transactions.

What is constructor ?
Ans: initialize data members to memory.

What is destructor ?
Ans: remove data members from memory.

What is Assignment Operator ?
Ans: Equal sign used for assignment operator.

What is switch statement ?
Ans: Select one option from many options.

What is Array ?
Ans: Store more than one variables for same data types.

What is Abstraction ?
Ans: Enhancing program capabilities.

What is Encapsulation ?
Ans: hiding implementation from outside the world.

How many data types ?
Ans: Four

Tell the name of data types ?
Ans: Int, Float, Char, String

What is difference between while loop and do while loop ?
Ans: while loop check condition first, do-while loop first execute statement then check condition.

Pre-processor Directories

Why we Use variable? 

What is compiler and translator ? 

Syntax of arrays?

why use pointer?

difference b/w for and while loop? 

types of arrays?

infinite loop?

difference b/w c & C++/? define class?

Difference b/w Static and Dynamic memory

Contractors & Destruction

Friend Function

what is variable? 

what is compiler and translater? 

Syntax of arrays?

why use pointer?

differenc b/w for and while loop? 

types of arrays?

infinite loop?

difference b/w c & C++/? define class?

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