University Of West Georgia Admissions Essay

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University of West Georgia

University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118

Official telephone: (678) 839-5000

Screen last updated on: January 2018

The admissions information below is valid for the 2017 academic year.

Admissions officer:Justin Barlow,
Director of Admissions
Contacting the office:678 839-5600
678 839-4747 (fax)

Is there an application deadline for fall?yes
Priority filing date for fall:February 1
Final filing date for fall:June 1
Freshmen are accepted for terms other than fall:yes
Application fee:$40
Can the application fee be waived?yes
Are refunds available on the application fee?no
Is the Common Application form accepted?no
Supplemental forms required for those using Common Application:no
Admissions requirements:
Minimum SAT Reasoning scores of 430 in critical reading and 410 in math (composite ACT scores of 17 in English and math), minimum Freshman Index of 2120, and completion of 17 college-preparatory courses required.
High school graduation is:required, GED is accepted
A general college preparatory program is:recommended
Campus visit is:recommended
Interview is:neither required nor recommended
Standardized test requirements:SAT I or ACT required
School's test preference:no preference
Aside from admissions, test scores are used for:counseling, placement
Dates test scores should be received:June 1 for SAT I/ACT
High school units required or recommended:
English:4 required, 4 recommended
Foreign language:2 required, 2 recommended
History:2 required, 2 recommended
Lab:2 required, 2 recommended
Math:4 required, 4 recommended
Science:4 required, 4 recommended
Social studies:1 required, 1 recommended
Total:17 required, 17 recommended
Special requirements for admission to specific programs:
  • Audition required of music program applicants.
School has formalized early decision program:no
School has early action program:no
School has concurrent enrollment program for high school:yes

Academic criteria:
  • secondary school report not considered
  • class rank not considered
  • recommendations not considered
  • standardized test scores very important
  • essay not considered
Nonacademic criteria:
  • interview not considered
  • extracurricular activities not considered
  • particular talent/ability not considered
  • character/personal qualities not considered
  • alumni/ae relationship not considered
  • geographical residence not considered
  • state residency not considered
  • religious affiliation/commitment not considered
  • minority affiliation not considered
  • volunteer work not considered
  • work experience not considered
Admissions is need blind:yes
Average secondary school GPA:3.15
Percent of freshmen who submitted GPA:99%
Average SAT I:480 verbal, 465 math
Average ACT:20 English, 19 math, 20 composite
Combined ACT middle 50% range:18 - 22
Test taken by majority of applicants:SAT I
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted SAT I scores:66%
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted ACT score:61%

Notification of admission:on a rolling basis
Acceptance of admission:no set date

Number of completed applications received:8,131
Number of applicants offered admission:4,801 (59%)
Number of applicants offered admission who enrolled:2,434 (51%)
School has a waiting list policy:no
Percent of freshmen who came from out of state:3%
Room deposit amount:$150, nonrefundable
Admission may be deferred:yes, up to 1 year

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